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Our Story


With a strong belief in the benefits of aromatherapy, crystal healing and the joy of creating memories through the sense of smell, WhistleNotes was created to unite musical and fragrance notes as one. 

Each Original Note (scent) is named after a musical term that best describes the character of the fragrance. It has been scientifically proven that music and smell are the most-powerful ties to one's memories. When combined, they can create the most wonderful experience!


Although they're not the ultra-high notes Margo "BabiDoll" El hits when she sings, these WhistleNotes are just as powerful.  Having worked in various facets of the perfume industry, she learned about the process in which many mainstream fragrances are made. Sadly, most of them contain chemicals harsher than those used in industrial products!  


Our organic concentrated fragrance oils have the ability to last twice as long as spray-on perfumes and do not contain alcohol, butane,  fillers or other harmful chemicals. In fact, our Notes are hypoallergenic and mild enough for children and people with sensitive skin to use.   Our DesignerNotes options are made directly from the actual designer fragrances through the process of reverse engineering. That's right! We buy the $300- $1,200 bottle from the manufacturer, we then have a chemist determine the fragrance components, then we create the oil form without any harsh chemicals. 

 For centuries, crystals have been used to promote the flow of positive energy while also ridding the body of negative energy. Each vial is hand-poured with love and infused with crystal energy to amplify the power of your fragrance. Once your fragrance vial is empty, you may remove the crystal and continue to use it for a lifetime of benefits!

With a grand scale of Notes for everyone to choose from, we're sure you'll find something that smells like music to your nose!

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