DISCOUNT CODES NOT VALID FOR THIS ITEM Your choice of 10 different Notes from the list below only. Please specify your selections in the notes section below. net wt: 10 ml per container
 By the Fireplace (Replica Maison Margiela)
Bubble Bath (Maison Margiela)
Jazz Club (Maison Margiela)
At the Barber's (Maison Margiela)
Coco Noir (Chanel)
Coco Mademoiselle Intense (Chanel)
Allure (Chanel)
Chance (Chanel)
No 5 L'eau (Chanel)
Boy (Chanel)
No 5 (Chanel)
Bright Crystal (Versace)
Dylan Blue Pour Femme (Versace)
Versence (Versace)
Vanilla Bean (Henri Bendel)
Jasmine Tuberose (Henri Bendel)
Lavender Leaves (Henri Bendel)
Flowerbomb Nectar (Viktor & Rolf)
Flowerbomb (Viktor & Rolf)
Bamboo Harmony (by Kilian)
Musk Oud (by Kilian)
Amber Oud (by Kilian)
Vodka on the Rocks (by Kilian)
Straight to Heaven (by Kilian)
Intoxicated (by Kilian)
Good Girl Gone Bad (by Kilian)
Love Don't be Shy (by Kilian)
Angels' Share (Kilian) *counts as 2 options*
Lola (Marc Jacobs)
Honey (Marc Jacobs)
Decadence (Marc Jacobs)
Daisy Dream (Marc Jacobs)
Daisy (Marc Jacobs)
Dot (Marc Jacobs)
Violet (Marc Jacobs)
Mod Noir (Marc Jacobs)
Orange Splash (Marc Jacobs)
Not A Perfume (Juliette Has A Gun)
Lipstick Fever (Juliette Has A Gun)
Musc Ravageur (Frederic Malle)
Carnal Flower (Frederic Malle)
Lost Cherry (Tom Ford)
Tobacco Vanille (Tom Ford)
Cafe Rose (Tom Ford)
Metallique (Tom Ford)
Grey Vetiver (Tom Ford)
Tuscan Leather (Tom Ford)
Mandarino di Amalfi (Tom Ford)
Costa Azzura (Tom Ford)
Fucking Fabulous (Tom Ford)
Rive de Ambre (Tom Ford)
Noir de Noir (Tom Ford)
Plum Japonais (Tom Ford)
Rose Prick (Tom Ford)
Neroli Portofino (Tom Ford)
Ombre Leather (Tom Ford)
Tobacco Oud (Tom Ford)
Black Orchid (Tom Ford)
Velvet Orchid (Tom Ford)
Bitter Peach (Tom Ford)
White Suede (Tom Ford)
Italian Cypress (Tom Ford)
Oud Minerale (Tom Ford)
Soleil Neige (Tom Ford)
Oud Wood (Tom Ford)
Bois Marocain (Tom Ford)
Black Violet (Tom Ford)
Thank U, Next (Ariana Grande)
Cloud (Ariana Grande)
Ari (Arianna Grande)
Oud Satin Mood (MFK)
Oud Cashmere Mood (MFK)
Oud Silk Mood (MFK)
Gentle Fluidity Gold (MFK)
Baccarat Rouge 540 (MFK)
Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait (MFK)
Coney Island (Bond No 9)
Greenwich Village (Bond No 9)
Astor Place (Bond No 9)
Andy Warhol (Bond No 9)
Chelsea Flowers (Bond No 9)
Central Park West (Bond No 9)
Chinatown (Bond No 9)
West Side (Bond No 9)
Original Santal (Creed)
Royal Water (Creed)
Royal Oud (Creed)
Himalaya (Creed)
Viking (Creed)
Silver Mountain Water (Creed)
Aventus for Her (Creed)
Aventus for Him (Creed)
Green Irish Tweed (Creed)
Acqua Fiorentina (Creed)
Fleurissimo (Creed)
Royal Princess Oud (Creed)
L de Lolita (Lolita Lempicka)
Elle L'aime (Lolita Lempicka)
Myrrh & Tonka (Jo Malone)
English Pear& Freesia (Jo Malone)
Rain and Angelica (Jo Malone)
Blackberry & Bay (Jo Malone)
Peony & Blush Suede (Jo Malone)
Wood Sage & Sea Salt (Jo Malone)
Blue Agava & Cacao (Jo Malone)
French Lime Blossom (Jo Malone)
Orange Blossom (Jo Malone)
Pomegranate Noir (Jo Malone)
Mimosa & Cardamom (Jo Malone)
Wild Bluebell (Jo Malone)
Vanilla & Anise (Jo Malone)
Red Roses (Jo Malone)
Lime Basil & Mandarin (Jo Malone)
Redcurrant & Cream (Jo Malone)
White Jasmine & Mint (Jo Malone)
Velvet Rose & Oud (Jo Malone)
Poppy & Barley (Jo Malone)
London Vetiver & Golden Vanilla (Jo Malone)
Sweetie Aoud (Roja Parfums)
Haute Luxe (Roja Parfums)
Chypre Extraordinaire (Roja Parfums)
Parfum Royale #4 (Roja Parfums)
Elixir (Roja Parfums)
Body (Burberry)
My Burberry Black (Burberry)
My Burberry Blush (Burberry)
Candy Kiss (Prada)
Candy Sugar Pop (Prada)
L'Interdit (Givenchy)
Saint (Kat von D)
Sinner (Kat von D)
Red Velvet Cake (Philosophy)
Inner Grace (Philosophy)
Pink Chiffon (Bath & Body Works)
Juniper Breeze (Bath & Body Works)	
Green Clover & Aloe (Bath & Body Works)	
Green Tea Cucumber	(Bath & Body Works)
Rice Flower & Shea (Bath & Body Works)
White Tea Ginger	(Bath & Body Works)
Sea Island Cotton (Bath & Body Works)	
Blackcurrant Vanilla (Bath & Body Works)	
Chocolate Amber (Bath & Body Works)	
Moonlight Path (Bath & Body Works)	
Rio Rumberry (Bath & Body Works)	
Aruba Coconut (Bath & Body Works)	
Bali Mango (Bath & Body Works)
Charmed Life (Bath & Body Works)	
Coconut Lime Verbena (Bath & Body Works)	
Into the Wild	(Bath & Body Works)
Soothing Vanilla Milk (Bath & Body Works)
Redcurrant & Thyme (Bath & Body Works)	
Carried Away (Bath & Body Works)	
Cool Citrus Basil (Bath & Body Works)
Gardenia Lily (Bath & Body Works)	
Herbal Mist (Bath & Body Works)	
Frosted Snowdrops (Bath & Body Works)	
Creamy Coconut (Bath & Body Works)	
Amber Blush (Bath & Body Works)	
Country Chic (Bath & Body Works)	
Waterfall Mist (Bath & Body Works)	
Water Blossom & Ivy (Bath & Body Works)	
Ylang Ylang & Myrh	(Bath & Body Works)
Tangerine Spice (Bath & Body Works)	
Forever Midnight (Bath & Body Works)	
Love Spell (Victoria's Secret)
Amber Romance (Victoria's Secret)
Appletini (Victoria's Secret)
Coconut Passion (Victoria's Secret)
Passionate Kisses (Victoria's Secret)
Endless Love (Victoria's Secret)
Vanilla Lace (Victoria's Secret)
Pear Glace (Victoria's Secret)
Sweet Temptation (Victoria's Secret)
Strawberries & Champagne (Victoria's Secret)
Acai Berry & Magnolia (Victoria's Secret)
Poolside Breeze (Victoria's Secret)
Lemon Escape (Victoria's Secret)
Lost in Fantasy (Victoria's Secret)
Forever Romance (Victoria's Secret)
Fresh & Clean (Victoria's Secret)
Girls Night Out (Victoria's Secret)
Forbidden Fantasy (Victoria's Secret)
Eau So Sexy (Victoria's Secret)
Be Seduced (Victoria's Secret)
Basic Instinct (Victoria's Secret)
At First Sight (Victoria's Secret)
Total Attraction (Victoria's Secret)
Sweet Daydream (Victoria's Secret)
Supermodel (Victoria's Secret)
Sheer Love (Victoria's Secret)
Rose Caramel (Victoria's Secret)
Romantic Wish (Victoria's Secret)
Secret Charm (Victoria's Secret)
Riviera Sun (Victoria's Secret)
Mango Temptation (Victoria's Secret)
Honey Do (Victoria's Secret)
Forbidden (Victoria's Secret)
Wild Scarlet (Victoria's Secret)
Wild Pink (Victoria's Secret)
Enchanted Apple (Victoria's Secret)
Incredible (Victoria's Secret)
Breathless (Victoria's Secret)
Dream Angels Forever (Victoria's Secret)
Dream Angels Divine (Victoria's Secret)
Dream Angels Halo (Victoria's Secret)
7 Veils (Byredo)
Gypsy Water (Byredo)
Bibliotheque (Byredo)
Vanille 44 (Le Labo)
Benjoin 19 (Le Labo)
Santal 26 (Le Labo)
Santal 33 (Le Labo)
Tonka 25 (Le Labo)
Rose 31 (Le Labo)
Figue 15 (Le Labo)
Baie 19 (Le Labo)
The Noir 29 (Le Labo)
Chergui (Serge Lutens)
Angel Muse (Mugler)
Alien Flora Futura (Mugler)
Angel (Thierry Mugler)
Alien (Thierry Mugler)
Angel Eau Croisiere (Mugler)
A Men Malt (Mugler)
A Men Pure Havane (Mugler)
A Men UltraZest (Mugler)
Ivory Route (Xerjoff)
Molecule 02 (Escentric Molecules)
Escentric 01 (Escentric Molecules)
Escentric 02 (Escentric Molecules)
Hypnotic Poison (Dior)
Dior Addict (Dior)
Sauvage (Dior)
Midnight Poison (Dior)
Pure Poison (Dior)
Black Opium Intense (Yves Saint Laurent)
Supreme Bouquet (Yves Saint Laurent)
Libre (Yves Saint Laurent)
Tuxedo (Yves Saint Laurent)
Black Opium (Yves Saint Laurent)
Y (Yves Saint Laurent)
Tiffany & Love (Tiffany & Co)
Sheer Tiffany (Tiffany & Co)
My Way (Giorgio Armani)
Si (Giorgio Armani)
3 L'Imperatrice (Dolce & Gabbana)
The One for her (Dolce & Gabbana)
The Only One (Dolce & Gabbana)
K (Dolce & Gabbana)
Sicily (Dolce & Gabbana)
Narcisse (Chloe)
Nomade (Chloe)
Love Story (Chloe)
Rush (Gucci)
Memoire (Gucci)
Voice of the Snake (Gucci)
Bloom (Gucci)
Bamboo (Gucci)
Guilty (Gucci)
Envy Me (Gucci)
Donna Born In Roma (Valentino)
Cherry in the Air (Escada)
Turquoise Summer (Escada)
Moon Sparkle (Escada)
Rockin Rio (Escada)
Sexy Graffiti (Escada)
Island Kiss (Escada)
Into the Blue (Escada)
Sunset Heat (Escada)
Ibiza Hippie (Escada)
Tropical Punch (Escada)
Taj Sunset (Escada)
Ocean Lounge (Escada)
Born in Paradise (Escada)
Pacific Paradise (Escada)
Nectar Love (Donna Karan)
Golden Delicious (Donna Karan)

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